NetTraf 1.4  

NetTraf consists of a daemon running on Linux, and a client application (now Windows and Linux clients are available), that monitors one interface on the Linux machine.

It is mainly used to show the status of a dial-up connection of a Linux masquerade server, so everyone on the network knows if the connection is active and how well the connection is performing.

The supplied Windows client application show lights on the taskbar almost like the standard modem application, and also shows a graphical bar with the connection status over time.

NetTraf now finally have some Linux clients, thanks to the great Linux programmers who did them. You will find them at the bottom of the page.

Now I need more client applications, such as GTK+. The protocol is very simple, but I do not have enough expertise right now to develop client application on Linux (maybe when releases Delphi for Linux...)



Rangel Reale (rangelreale [ at ] gmail)

1.4 version by smurf (nettraf [ at ] smurfy [ dot ] de


Server (linux/POSIX)

Client (Windows) with Delphi Sources

Client (Linux / TCL/TK)

  • nettrafc - thanks to Kevin Otte (nivex [ at ] nivex [dot] net)

Client (QT/KDE)

Client (Java)

  • currently offline - thanks to David Husselmann (davidh [ at ] mdata2000 [ dot ] com Logo